Saturday, September 18, 2010

Again, in government class. And partly in online learning class.

     She feels legitimately sick to her stomach.  She forced herself to look decent today, with hair fixed, a black mini skirt that hugged her thighs, and a white wife beater that accentuated her cleavage.  She wore the jewelry her mother had bought her; jingly with fleur de lis, and earrings to match.  She even put on makeup.
     Yet still, she felt like everyone was ignoring her.  She felt like she wasn't really there.  It made her feel like disappearing altogether, if she wasn't already invisible.  Even teachers never really heard her.
     What she wouldn't give to be back where she came from, back where she felt like she belonged.  It made her feel even worse to think about how happy she would be if she were back there.
     There's been so much change around her, she doesn't know how to cope anymore.  She used to be able to smile, even though underneath it all, she wanted to burst into tears and never stop.  And what hurt her the most was that her own mother, who claimed to know her so well, didn't seem to take notice of the fake smiles or the way she never did anything but sleep and go to school.
     What was she supposed to do?

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